128th Sports Bar

Drink. Binge. Cheer

Game Watches

Feel the thrill as you cheer. Live your favorite sports at 128th Sports Bar with our edge-of-the-seat game watches.

What we offer

Home of Basketball

Live- streaming of every NBA game. Come down and request a sound-enabled game

Home of Baseball

Live- streaming every MLB game. Come down and request a sound-enabled game.

Get your much needed break &
grab a drink with your squad

Be a part of the happy hour action. Loosen up with a hearty meal and drink your heart out. With some quirky bartending tricks up our sleeve and signature drinks, we aim to take you to a whole new dimension of ecstasy.

Watch a game or play one- Grab a drink & bid adieu to your Monday blues

Whether your head is cramped up after an exhausting day at work, or you want a hangout space for your squad with a spectacular Streetview, 128th Billiard Everest can be your one-stop destination to unwind and dive into a new zone of euphoria.

Home of Billiards

Classic snooker tables are available to enjoy the cue game. Book your table now.

Home of Darts & Beer Pong

Automated dart boards and beer pong tables are available. Let’s get into some light drinking games.

are you ready?
A place full of high spirits and loud cheers, with booze, buzz, and vibe.