128th Sports Bar

128th Sports Bar for Everyone Craving Booze, Buzz & Vibe

128th Sports Bar for Everyone Craving Booze, Buzz & Vibe

Hey, sports lovers!! It’s no surprise that Sports bars are go-to places, where family and friends can socialize with casual food, and drink refreshing beverages. 128th Sports Bar is the epitome of spectacular eating and drinking experiences among all the bars with pool tables in Everett. No matter what hour you come in for a snack or a few drinks, there are always matches on our large-screen TVs. The goal is to provide 360-degree service at a very reasonable price; you will love every minute of your visit to the 128th Sports Bar.

What You Should Know Before Playing Pool at a Bar

You’re ready to play your favorite game! But wait, there are some differences between playing pool in a pub and at home. Each bar has its own set of regulations, make sure you are familiar with the establishment’s regulations while playing. Let’s dive in to learn some guides while playing in a bar.

The Guidelines

If you are playing with a group at a pub, ensure everyone follows the same rules so there is no confusion. Basic rules like 8 and 9-ball should be applied. However, there may be minor variations depending on how people play. There might be people new to the bar, so communication is essential to encourage a better game environment. 

  • Players are also welcome to bring their balls, rack, and cue stick. 
  • Game advice from other players is not permitted throughout the game.


When racking in a bar pool game, there are no rules regarding the way the solids and stripes are placed. The ball racks are usually triangles in shape, and it helps to place the balls together tightly to ensure a good break upon contact with the cue ball. 

Open Table

While shooting a ball in during the break shot, the table must be open. The shooter can choose between solids and stripes on their next shoot. Until the initial ball is formed, combination shots can be hit on all balls except the 8-ball.

The Security Shot

Safety shots are legal shots that allow pocketing a ball from the own group—this technique was found to be helpful in various scenarios. Because many bars do not allow safety shots, this must be negotiated before the game starts. If, by chance, they do, the shooter must call “safety” before firing.

Wrap Up

So, the next time you’re searching for a trivia place to spend an evening, look no further than 128th Sports Bar which has bars with a pool hall in Everett. We offer something for everyone, and no one will get disappointed. We are the spot for you if you want fantastic cuisine, amazing beverages, a terrific environment, and great rates. Don’t delay; come by now.
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