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How Can Sports Bars Shore Up Their Slow Nights?

How Can Sports Bars Shore Up Their Slow Nights?

With FIFA 2022 coming to end soon. Sports bars might experience a slowdown in their business and crowd gathering. But that shouldn’t make you and your sports bar lower the experience or services.It only requires some creative problem-solving and investigation.

Let’s jump in and look into how to help you make your sports bar business oomph out even on slow nights and how to attract more customers to visit your bar.

In the end, Sports is Sports

Owners of sports bars must get creative if they want to bring in new customers and keep returning regulars during the off-season because the summer is typically devoid of traffic-generating events like the NFL and NBA.

Finding and showing non-mainstream sports on your bar’s TVs is the easiest way to accomplish this. Here are some concepts to think about.


The future of sports bars is eSports, as we have been saying for years. Here are some statistics to think about for operators:

The market for eSports was predicted to reach $2.89 billion by 2025 from an anticipated $1.28 billion in 2021.

Around 523 million people (worldwide) will be esports fans in 2022. “eSports fans” describe themselves as being half of them. By 2025, there will be an increase in eSports fans to 641 million.

That’s a lot of support and money. There are bars with an eSports theme, but a more conventional sports bar might potentially capitalize on this market. There is no shortage of eSports competitions to stream on your screens, including Halo, Overwatch, Fortnite, League of Legends, and more.

In addition, the SportsTV Guide offers the best eSports competitions for your individualized guide, much like traditional sports.

The “ Never have I ever” Lacrosse

For whatever reason, lacrosse doesn’t receive the same support as its conventional sports rivals while being popular in high school and college. But it’s a thrilling game that combines the fervour of hockey and football. Lacrosse is occasionally broadcast on major sports networks like ESPN. Depending on your content providers, the SportsTV Guide lists the games and channels that are available to you.

Introduce Gaming Nights

Sometimes it’s advisable to make your own games when there aren’t any nice ones available to display on your TVs. A fantastic method to fill your seats on slow nights is to regularly host gaming nights. They also serve as an enjoyable, low-key way for visitors to unwind on a weeknight.

Game Boards

Over the past ten years, board games have seen a revival, in part because Millennials are seeking for low-cost means of socializing with their pals. Ironically, crowdsourcing websites on the Internet have contributed to the boom in board games by sparking an explosion of original independent titles.

Quiz or Trivia Nights

For good reason, trivia/quiz nights are a staple at bars. They are easy to host, have low to no running costs, and appeal to people’s competitive and intellectual sides.

They are worthwhile in terms of ROI for bars and restaurants. In fact, on trivia evenings, some pubs experience a 300% boost in sales. It might be worthwhile to try to match that figure in your own regions.

You have two options: either host it yourself by delegating event management to a staff member or hire a third party. Offer the victors fun prizes like complimentary apps or beverages, or offers for future visits or online purchases. The objective is to use the event to promote your business on future nights in addition to that particular one.

Priority to your Customers

While it’s not a bad idea to occasionally show random content on your TVs, it’s also a good idea to conduct some market research.

Ask your guests what kinds of entertainment they like to watch outside of popular sports. What do they watch while they’re not at your bar? If offered, would they see it at your venue? Also inquire about their interest in particular events, such as summer parties, eSport competitions, etc.

Start with the list above and then think of some of your own. The finest experts on your brand, visitors, and personnel are you. To create a winning formula for your sports bar, combine all three.

Marketing can do wonders

Of course, if your visitors and regulars are unaware of the material and event, it won’t matter how amazing they are. You must make sure you can reach them quickly and readily in order to inform them of all the events that will soon take place at your business.

Additionally, it’s crucial to employ all of the instruments at your disposal.

  •  Email continues to rule digital marketing strategies even though social media marketing is all the rage. Having your message in your visitors’ inboxes ensures that they will at least read it and not just blindly scroll by. People become captive audiences when they are in your guests’ inboxes; if your emails are well-written and produced, and you have fantastic events, they will open them and keep coming back.
  • Social Media- Even though email marketing still reigns supreme, sports bars shouldn’t fully disregard social media. Just make sure the marketing is effective. Utilize social media to share videos and photographs of fan reactions to your previous special events. This will provide those who were present their five minutes of fame while letting your followers know what they missed. Additionally, advertise the games you’ll be displayed during the week with eye-catching graphics, highlight your drink and restaurant deals, and don’t forget to use Instagram Stories and Reels.
  • TVs you own. One of the main draws to a sports bar is what you present on your TVs. They thus represent your greatest internal marketing potential. Sports are the main attraction in sports bars, so promoting the games you’ll be showing is a surefire way to increase business.

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