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Playing Pool at A Bar? Here’s what you need to Know

Playing Pool at A Bar? Here’s what you need to Know

You’re in public and prepared to play your preferred game! However, there are a few differences between playing pool at a bar and in a home environment that you should be aware of. Let’s break down the pool game rules, so that you can ace the game at your favorite bar.


Every bar has a different set of regulations, as do individual people. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the rules of the establishment where you are playing. Establish the rules that everyone must abide by when playing in a group in a bar to avoid confusion. The fundamental guidelines for 8- and 9-ball are always applicable, however, there may be minor variations depending on how patrons play in a pub or the local house rules. Remember that sometimes there may be newcomers to that pub, the neighborhood, the state, etc., so communication is essential. Players can even bring their cue, rack, and balls. It is not allowed to receive game tips from other players while playing.


With the exception of the 8-ball being in the middle, there are no rules for how the solids and stripes should be arranged when racking in a bar pool game.

Open Table

Even if you make a ball in on the break stroke, the table is still viewed as being open. On their subsequent shot, the shooter has a choice between stripes or solids. All balls, excluding the 8-ball, are eligible for combination shots until the first ball is made.

Shots that are Safe: Safety Shots

Safety shots, which are legal shots that let you pocket a ball from your own group without taking a turn following, are useful in various situations. Safety shots must be discussed before the start of your game because many bars do not allow them. In the unlikely event that they do, the shooter must signal “safety” before firing.


The cue ball is positioned at the head of the table behind the second diamond or head string following a scratch. Any additional balls created during the scratch remain in the pockets.

8- balls until the last shot

You’ve won the game if the 8-ball drops during the break! Any shot that first connects with the 8-ball is prohibited. Till the very final shot, which must be a precise shot into the pocket, do not touch the 8-ball. In the final shot, a scratch on the 8-ball results in an immediate defeat.

Winner Rules

A player may occasionally impose new rules on the next round of play after winning. Although it does not frequently occur, be ready just in case.

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